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About Gary Wilson Author of the Defense Force series    
 Gary Wilson grew up in the town of Ogdensburg,New Jersey. He graduated from Sussex Vo-Tech in 1981, majoring in Commercial Art and photography. He enlisted in the Army, serving for three years.  Wilson used his military experience to glimpse into the future of the military in the “Defense Force” series.     
 In his first book The Triangle, the United States faces the threat of a “dirty bomb,” Major Tucker and the 27 Air Wing of the American Defense Force is deployed to prevent the attack.  While locked in combat over the Bermuda Triangle, the combatants begin to disappear into thin air. The former enemies are forced to rely on each other as they face unfathomable obstacles. The Triangle is a contemporary, action-packed thriller.     
 In his follow up “Sake of Time” the dangers faced in The Triangle result in the formation of the Covert Defense Force. General Robert Tucker receives an urgent call for help from an unexpected source. He must lead the CDF into battle against an enemy so dangerous, not only is Earth in peril, time itself is at stake.   
 The third installment of the series: Time Defense Force: 2025 .  The year 2025 is a pivotal time in Earth's history. The disappearance of ten pilots in the Bermuda Triangle set in motion a chain of events which led to the formation of the Time Defense Force, an ultra secret agency charged with preserving Earth's history. What if history was altered and these events never take place?  
  Special Ops Force: Quantum Armageddon is now available. The fourth novel in the Defense Force Series picks up where TDF:2025 left off: Convicted mass murderer Rillius facing execution on Minarin Prime. His alternate reality double shows up and all hell breaks loose. His tampering with the inter dimensional barrier has unleashed the most dangerous threat our galaxy has ever faced : The brutal and sadistic Terran Empire.  Special Ops Commander Robert Tucker must deal with an adversary that knows him better than he knows himself. His forces must stop these inter-galactic terrorists before the destroy the barrier, resulting in ... Quantum Armageddon.
    Wilson currently lives in New Mexico with his wife Maria and stepson Andres. 
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