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Did you ever hear that if you die in your sleep, then you die in real life? 
What if that were true? 
Would you stop sleeping to avoid your fate of nightmares and the creatures that fed on them? 
The Creatures of Darkness exist in your reality - it is the new reality. 
Safina Lenay is an ordinary psychology student, until she starts having lucid nightmares. In these horrid states, Safina is being beckoned, and possibly haunted. 
Safina’s inadequate sleep ,has forced her to find the root of her problem. With the help of her friend Jason, Safina checks into a sleep study to uncover her lucid dreams. 
Before checking into the study, Jason reveals a secret that will forever alter her reality. These memories may be the cause of Safina’s nightmares. 
Someone is haunting her dreams. Someone from an alternate reality known as Rem.



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