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Marshal Keller Series

Book 1:

A ruthless outlaw- Frank “Blackheart” Jordan is holding the town of Hot Spring New Mexico hostage, requiring a monthly “protection” payment to keep them safe from other outlaws. They seek help from former US Marshal Jake Keller and his assistant, the brilliant, but eccentric inventor, Professor Kirby “Higgs” Higgstrom. Will technology save the day or will Hot Springs burn?

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Book 2:

Eight months after the showdown at Elephant Butte Lake, US Marshal Jake Keller and Professor Kirby Higgstrom are invited to a feast in the small Mexican village of San Ignacio after assisting the authorities in round up the region's most notorious outlaw, Juan Javier Lopez. 
They are drugged and end up in Mexico City, where they are charged with the deaths of one hundred villagers.

They discovered they were framed for the massacre and pawns in a vast conspiracy by Lopez and his brother, Mexican dictator Jose Alejandro Lopez. If the Lopez brothers succeed they will change the course of history for Mexico and the United States.

Other e-book formats including Nook, Kobo & Apple:

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