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  Special Ops Force:
Quantum Armageddon
  The fourth novel in the Defense Force Series picks up where TDF:2025 left off: Convicted mass murderer Rillius facing execution on Minarin Prime. His alternate reality double shows up and all hell breaks loose. His tampering with the inter dimensional barrier has unleashed the most dangerous threat our galaxy has ever faced  The brutal and sadistic Terran Empire.  Special Ops Commander Robert Tucker must deal with an adversary that knows him better than he knows himself. His forces must stop these inter-galactic terrorists before the destroy the barrier, resulting in ... Quantum Armageddon.

ISBN-13: 978-1463693978 
ISBN-10: 1463693974 

Release date: July 15th, 2012

SOF: Quantum Armageddon
Novel #4 in the Defense Force Series
Price: $15.00

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