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Covert Ops Force:
War Criminal

A covert ops mission to rescue Alliance Defense Force pilots from the Terran Empire has gone catastrophically wrong when a major temporal shock wave propels the rescue team two years into the future, ending up in the year 2221. 
When they emerge from the vortex, Earth has been destroyed. Upon returning to Bwentani Prime, they are arrested by the Celestus Council, who are now allied with their worst enemy, the Cho’Kai. 
The team leader, Colonel Robert Tucker is branded a war criminal due to damning evidence of him firing the weapon that destroyed the planet – even though he was never in the enemy command center.  
Sentenced to death, his team escapes from a maximum security facility and has found refuge on an isolated planet across the galaxy. 
Can Tucker clear his name or go down in history as the worst mass murderer of all time.

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