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Wilson editing

We are pleased to announce we have expanded our services to include editing services for both clients and non clients of Nightstalker Press

We offer services ranging from story consultation, format and content editing to basic,  and comprehensive (deep) editing. Rates will vary.

Gary A Wilson - Format and content editor

Maria R Wilson - Editor

Basic rates:

Clients who wish to publish and have an ISBN added - an additional $50.00

Content and format editing:

Novels under 100 pages- 1.00 per page flat fee

250 pages and under: flat fee of $125 dollars
251 pages and over - additional .25 cents per page

Simple editing: under 250 pages - flat fee of $200.00
251 and over. additional .75 per page

Deep editing - under 250 pages - flat fee of $250.00
251 pages and over - additional $1.00 per page

Converting to digital format included for clients - $25 for non clients

Required 50% upfront deposit
balance due upon final approval

We will work out payment arrangements

We accept certified check, credit card or paypal.


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